PADAYON SA PAGTINDOG: Pagtililipon Sang Mga Mangunguma Kag Mangingisda Sa Isla Sang Panay

Three years after Yolanda, Panay farmers and fishers were able to emerge from the ashes of the devastating typhoon but are not yet strong enough to weather the other “storms” in their lives – poverty, threats to their land rights, and unstable sources of livelihood.

Together with representatives from various LGUs and government and non-government agencies, around 2,500 rural workers and micro-entrepreneurs from 26 barangays in Capiz and Iloilo including the Panay Island Farmers’ Association will be participating in the “Pagtililipon”

  • See the fruits of their labor after Yolanda such as shell crafts, seafood products, rice cakes, drift wood figurines, root crops, smoked fish, and pickled papaya.
  • Hear their stories of triumph after the typhoon.
  • Know the remaining struggles they face.
  • Echo and support their calls for the Duterte administration especially for the leaders of the Department of Agriculture and Department of Agrarian Reform to carry on the government’s mandate of promoting social justice, creating sustainable economic opportunities, and improving access to markets especially for the marginalized and disaster-vulnerable sectors like them.
  • Through a roadshow, be aware of the services, technologies, and programs being offered by government agencies, NGOs, and educational institutions to farmers and fishers such as post-harvest facilities, technical trainings, block farming, subsidized crop insurances, and value-added food processing.