Batiti Ground grew fast in the last 3 months of operation in Iloilo City. Our commitment to develop communities through education brought us several projects in the table. Here are the list of projects you might be interested for internship:

eLearning Platform Development for Institutions – We make learning and update trainings available at the tip of our clients and their students’ finger tips. We make sure that continuing education is at the forefront of educational companies, government agencies and private companies to assure professional development and efficiency of all ranks.

Made in IP – Made in IP Project is a social enterprise venture that wishes to uplift the quality of life of this small community of Aeta. It will be a venue for 20 mothers and 30 out-of-school youth from the tribe to create, develop and market the native products that has been the source of their sustenance. The project will be an incubation for the enterprise to meet and be trained with industry experts. These industry experts will provide research, business development inputs, assist on marketing and financial management until the business can be handled 100% by the Aeta tribe. Institutional partnerships with the LGU, NCIP, DTI and start-up incubators will be established to ensure the sustainability of the project. Furthermore, to ensure the access to a bigger niche, an online store will be developed to host Made In IP brand. This project has been awarded by a seed grant from San Miguel Corporation through the Office of the Vice President. 

Young Leaders Programme is a 3-month mentoring program for 15 – 23 year old who wishes to explore and become their best potential. Starting June 24, we will be taking in ONLY 30 SELECTED students. For the next 3 months, these 30 students will identify their individual capacity and skills set as we provide youth perspective on success and expose them to youth opportunities where they can excel. Proj Prom will provide a venue for young people to access peer-counseling and mentorship where teens can improve their socializing skills, improve study habits, develop new skills and most importantly, become their best potential.

iTeach Project v2 – Originally a one-time project in 2015 designed by Saving Innocent Lives Amidst War (SILAW) and funded by the US Department of State, iTeach is now back iTeach V2. iTeach v2 will reach out to communities by providing healthcare education to mothers and children.  To make this happen we are looking for Public Health and Community volunteers to uplift the health of this communities. You can help! Even if you are not a healthcare professional.

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