The first semester is about to end. Here it is goes. There is no stopping. In few months time, there you are, you are going to be a part of the country’s labor force. Or not.

Not everyone who graduates college lands in a job. Well, not in 6 months time. When we reach out to communities, we have always been talking about that we need to learn this and that so we become a contribution to the society. What if there is no business that will take you in?

No sobbing. Companies now do not – do not like you! They do not need you. You do not have the skills set that they might be needing. It is also a fact that there are those that could be better than what you can offer. Ever wondered what school has given you? If asked for experience, do you also wonder, “The hell are they talking about? I am fresh grad and I just got out of college. The only experience I got is, well, the time I was asked to fax a document at my internship”.

Being out there in the job market is actually fun! Yes. As a fresh produce from academic institutions, your paper is still clean. You can color it in any manner you want it to be. Our training manager at Batiti Ground once mentioned, ‘I can get in to any industry because of the magic phrase – “I am willing to be trained”. There are companies that will not that answer obcourse. Not everyone is as optimistic as she has applied at.

Piece of advise for the fresh and soon fresh produce from the universities. Always always take time for personal development. Take that Coursera course. Join the training camp at school. Join organizations. Keep the networks. It will take you thousand of miles. Sometimes LITERALLY!