Made in IP Project is a social enterprise venture that wishes to uplift the quality of life of this small community of Aeta. It will be a venue for 20 mothers and 30 out-of-school youth from the tribe to create, develop and market the native products that has been the source of their sustenance. The project will be an incubation for the enterprise to meet and be trained with industry experts. These industry experts will provide research, business development inputs, assist on marketing and financial management until the business can be handled 100% by the Aeta tribe. Institutional partnerships with the LGU, NCIP, DTI and start-up incubators will be established to ensure the sustainability of the project. Furthermore, to ensure the access to a bigger niche, an online store will be developed to host Made In IP brand.

This project has received a seed grant from Angat Buhay Youth by the Office of Vice President. The project also prequalified (as of writing) to the Ten Accomplished Youth Organisation (TAYO) XV.