Young Leaders Programme (YLP)

What is Young Leaders Programme? 

Young Leaders Programme is a 3-month mentoring program for 15 – 23 year old who wishes to explore and become their best potential. Starting June 24, we will be taking in ONLY 30 SELECTED students. For the next 3 months, these 30 students will identify their individual capacity and skills set as we provide youth perspective on success and expose them to youth opportunities where they can excel. Proj Prom will provide a venue for young people to access peer-counseling and mentorship where teens can improve their socializing skills, improve study habits, develop new skills and most importantly, become their best potential.

What: Young Leaders Programme

Where: Batiti Ground Inc.

Who: 15 – 23 years old

When: Twice a Month Meet Up and All day Online availability

Seat No.: 30 slots (3 slots will be scholarship)

Program Period: June 24, 2017 – Sept 30, 2017

Online Handle:

Fee: P7500.00


  • Provide youth perspective on success
  • Identify the individual capacity and skills set  
  • Introduce youth opportunities where they can excel
  • Provide a venue for peer-counseling and mentorship
  • Improve the socializing skills of teens and young professionals
  • Improve study habits
  • Hone the skills of youth


Your Mentors 


Jarrah Brillantes – Education Mentor at YSEALI Amplify, a US Embassy in Manila Office of Cultural Affairs Program. Educational Director of Batiti Ground Inc.. Alumni at Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative. Founder at Saving Innocent Lives Amidst War (SILAW) Inc.

Angelica Belarmino – Alumni at Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative Youth Development Mentor. Currently, a graduating student of Bachelor of Special Education, Angelica Belarmino is a young Southeast Asian Leader who have been doing various projects for children and youth in the country. She have an intense grit to growth and learning, so, she loves to immerse and can be your partner in discovering the best version of yourself.

Christian Evren Lozanes – A freelance multi-media visual artist from Iloilo City, Philippines formerly based in Rome, Italy. An active visual artist, and has participated in several art exhibitions since 2005. As a photographer, he has been doing both commercial and freelance work. Having some of his photos already published in dailies, magazines of both print and online. He has been an active volunteer for various Non-Governmental Organizations and has a significant experience in the field.

Reyanne Joy Librado – Debater. A feminist, poet and a youth advocate. She currently works as a researcher on migration, gender and women studies. She graduated Political Science with a double major in Economics in 2016 at the University of the Philippines Visayas. In her leadership in the debate society, Ms. Librado served as former Deputy Prime Minister for Training and Varsity and Deputy Prime Minister for Education. She was formerly elected as Prime Minister, yet deferred for a youth leadership exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark and full time activist work in Quezon City.

Shernan Gamol – He is currently a consultant at the House of Representatives. Chairman of Keep Hope Alive (KHA) and a YSEALI Professional Fellow in 2014. He is Founder & Chairman of Keep Hope Alive, 2016 ASEAN & Philippines most accomplished youth organization. He is a local legislator, political/legislative consultant & youth leader from Mindoro who advocates for youth empowerment, sustainable agriculture & inclusive community development.

Anthony Lopez – Health advocate. A youth activist working in the field of Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights. He is fellow at the Women Deliver Young Leaders Program in Denmark and a member of the Youth Peer Education Network of the Philippines (Y-PEER Pilipinas) and the ACT!2030 Philippine Alliance. He recently represented Philippines in the 2017 Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health. He now manages his newly founded organization, Capiz Youth for SRHR (Y-Cap for SRHR).

Kevin Leonard – Brazilian jiujitsu trainer for 5 years under second degree black belt Diego Ramos. He is currently a 4th degree blue belt I have also 5 years of Thai boxing and shoalin gung fu. He holds a 4th degree black sash in gung fu under Sifu Daniel Hammond. He wishes to teach Jujitzu so we young people, irregardless of sex, can defend themselves. Martial Arts is also a great way to learn discipline and respect.

May-I Padilla – Owner / Managing Director at METAPIXEL Incorporated. He provides consultancy on Marketing (Research, Planning, Testing, Implementation), Corporate Governance (Accounting, Budgeting, Management), Visual Communication (Branding, Graphic Design, Literature & Copy Writing, Web Development).


  • Free access to Batiti Ground facilities for 3 months of program
  • Twice a month capacity development class
  • 10% Discount to all Batiti cool events (FREE Ticket to Spark Writing Workshop and Aphelion Spoken Word Event) 
  • Weekly Newsletter
  • A new friend ‘mentor’


Talk to us to know more about Project Prometheus. Classes starts on June 24, 2017. | 09778775005