What should the youth needs to learn in the 21st Century? Today success comes not just from what young people know, but rather from how they interact with a rapidly changing world. In our globalized, interconnected world the youth need to be leaders, innovators, and changemakers.

The education sector is scrambling to recognize and then provide learning opportunities for young people to become changemakers. Project Prometheus, aka Proj Prom, is an out of the box mentoring program to develop a young individual’s potential.

We identified the important skills that young people should possess: 1.) Personality development, 2.) Empathy to recognize problems, 3.) Creativity and Design Thinking, 4.) Discipline and Respect, 5.) Social Relevance, and lastly 6.) Confidence and Communication skills to share ideas. These skills will not only help the youth advance their future and find good jobs, but more importantly, these are the skills our young people need to make the world a better place.

Within the 3-month program, these skills will be introduced, hastened and nurtured, like our commitment in Batiti Ground to provide venue for young people to learn and explore their best potential. Signing up to this program will certainly encourage growth and maturity, most importantly create a new circle of friends where you all become leaders in the field you want to be planted. Furthermore, an awesome set of mentors will be there to guide you along the way. They will be your new Titos and Titas of Iloilo.

Sign up today to pave the way to your best youth ever!